Night Orient non-alcoholic Mojito Strawberry cocktail 750ml


In this ready-made Mojito Strawberry cocktail without alcohol, you taste delicious strawberries. The Mojito comes from Cuba and this 0.0 cocktail is drunk with ice cubes and a sprig of mint.

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This ready-made alcohol-free Mojito Strawberry cocktail with a light bubble has its origins in Cuba. The Mojito Strawberry without alcohol is a tasty blend of mint, lemon and strawberries and has a beautiful red color. The bubble makes this non-alcoholic Mojito Strawberry a non-alcoholic topper! Enjoy this summer Mojito Strawberry 0.0 cocktail with a delicious mint and strawberry flavor all year round.

Enjoy the non-alcoholic Strawberry Mojito, pour into a glass with ice cubes, add some fresh mint leaves and a slice of fresh strawberry. A 0.0 Strawberry Mojito contains only 17 kcal per glass.

About Mojito

This cocktail has its origins in Cuba. In the second half of the 19th century, Mojito is said to have originated as a medicine for fever, under the name Draque. But this does not appear to have been the beginning of the Mojito after all. The story goes, that the English pirate Richard Drake, in the 16th century, is said to have prepared the first version of the drink. This drink – the rum – provided heat, the water diluted the alcohol, the lime prevented scurvy, a common illness at sea without vitamin C. Mint and other spices refreshed the rum and the sugar ensured that the mixture was well digested. Exactly why English pirate Richard Drake drank this drink remains unclear. On the one hand, it is said that he took this as a victory drink; on the other hand, it is said that he drank the Mojito daily to stay healthy. Maybe he was winning daily?
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How was this cocktail made alcohol-free?

No alcohol at all was used in the making of this delicious non-alcoholic cocktail! The secret to this tasty 0.0 cocktail is in the recipe – a proper mix of the ingredients.

Where can this Night Orient non-alcoholic cocktail be purchased?

At Alcoholfreedrinks we offer tasty non-alcoholic cocktails for lovers of cocktails, red, white and rosé wine without alcohol. Look further in the webshop for a wide range of tasty drinks without alcohol such as alcohol-free sparkling wines, alcohol-free spirits and alcohol-free beer.

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Night Orient non-alcoholic Mojito Strawberry cocktail 750ml
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