Non-alcoholic sparkling wine

Complete the party with non-alcoholic sparkling wine

Festive occasions call for festive
non-alcoholic beverages
! Taste for example non-alcoholic champagne or
alcohol-free prosecco
. offers a large selection of non-alcoholic sparkling wines for every occasion. The exclusive sparkling wines possess a special taste and are a unique sensation on the palate. With over eight years of experience as an alcohol-free specialist, you will find only the best alcohol-free sparkling wines available only at specialty stores in the assortment. Take an instant look in the webshop and get inspired for a festive evening.

What is non-alcoholic sparkling wine?

Alcohol-free sparkling wine is first produced by the usual method with alcohol. This is because the fermentation process from grape sugar to alcohol is necessary to give the sparkling wine its unique flavor. Next, winemakers extract the alcohol from the wine by using various techniques. A popular method is by vacuum distillation. This method involves vacuuming the wine at room temperature, where alcohol evaporates under low pressure. Another popular method is membrane filtration. In this process, the winemaker slides the wine through a super-thin filter, leaving the alcohol in the filter. Despite the evaporation of the alcohol, much of the original character of the non-alcoholic sparkling wine is retained.

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Whether you want to bring a bottle of non-alcoholic sparkling wine as a gift to a baby shower, or open a tasty non-alcoholic bottle of wine because you still have to drive home. A non-alcoholic sparkling wine is always a good idea. Browse the diverse assortment in the web shop immediately to select your favorite non-alcoholic beverage.

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