Non-alcoholic wine pregnant

Non-alcoholic wine if you are pregnant

Real ladies just can’t live without bubbles, even during pregnancy. Sometimes you just really have something to celebrate. A non-alcoholic wine when you are pregnant offers a solution to this. offers a variety of alcohol-free drinks and
alcohol-free cocktails
for every occasion. has no less than eight years of experience in the field of non-alcoholic beverages. Therefore, we offer only the best quality non-alcoholic beverages available only at specialty stores. Instantly view our selection of non-alcoholic organic and
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How is non-alcoholic wine created?

Alcohol-free wine for when you are pregnant is first of all made by the regular method with alcohol. Indeed, the fermentation of grape sugar to alcohol is necessary to obtain the characteristic taste of wine. After the fermentation process, winemakers extract the alcohol from the wine using innovative techniques. A commonly used method is by vacuum distillation. The wine is heated to room temperature, then vacuum-drawn under low pressure. In this way, the alcohol evaporates from the wine. Another popular method is membrane filtration. In this method, the winemaker passes the wine through an extremely thin filter, which retains the alcohol. Even though the alcohol is extracted from the wine, the authentic taste of the drink is retained.

Non-alcoholic wine in pregnancy

Consuming alcohol during pregnancy is strongly discouraged. In fact, alcohol enters the unborn child’s body through the bloodstreams. Even less than one glass of alcohol a day can lead to a higher risk of miscarriage, preterm birth or fetal death. In addition, alcohol produces a harmful effect on the child’s mental development. Therefore, it is recommended to drink non-alcoholic wine when pregnant. That way, at a party, you have a more exciting choice than just water or a glass of Coke. Alcohol-free wine is therefore a perfect gift for a pregnant friend or during a baby shower. Curious about the surprising alcohol-free wines from Then check out the versatile assortment in the webshop right away.

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