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Fancy a party with bubbles? For alcohol-free prosecco or non-alcoholic champagne are excellent alternatives these days. has been an alcohol-free specialist for over eight years and knows the best
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selected for you. The non-alcoholic prosecco we supply is only available at specialty stores, and recommended by Hamersma. Browse our diverse selection for your favorite non-alcoholic prosecco immediately. In addition to prosecco, we also have non-alcoholic gin, non-alcoholic cocktails, non-alcoholic wine and more

Alcohol-free prosecco for Italian atmospheres

Prosecco is an Italian sparkling wine produced in northern Italy near the Veneto region, particularly around the city of Treviso. The main grape variety used in Prosecco is Glera. Until 2009, this variety was even called the processo grape. Officially, non-alcoholic prosecco may not be called such after the alcohol has been diluted. In the vernacular, however, non-alcoholic prosecco sounds just a bit tastier.

What does non-alcoholic prosecco taste like?

Prosecco without alcohol has a fresh and fruity taste. Often this prosecco tastes slightly sweeter than the average prosecco with alcohol. This is because the alcohol gives body to a sparkling wine. By making the prosecco slightly sweeter, it still gives it that extra spice. As vacuum technology is also increasingly used, the original flavors are increasingly well preserved.

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Whether you are visiting a pregnant friend or want to drive home safely, a bottle of prosecco non-alcoholic is always an excellent choice. has a number of tasty non-alcoholic proseccos in its range, such as the Fruit Secco Mango or Pomegranate.

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