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Feel like having a party, but prefer no alcohol? Then order a bottle of non-alcoholic champagne from Whether you’re pregnant, participating in a Dry January or don’t like alcohol, there are plenty of reasons to not want to drink alcohol. In this regard, the soft drink alternatives represent little versatility. With non-alcoholic champagne, you can make a party cozy. View our diverse range of non-alcoholic bubbles in the web shop immediately.

What is non-alcoholic champagne?

Champagne is traditionally made from grapes, and one of the basic ingredients in the production process is alcohol. Champagne without alcohol therefore does not yet exist, simply because they have not yet launched an alcohol-free champagne in the Champagne region. Moreover, to give a wine the official seal of champagne, special requirements have been established. For example, every champagne is required to contain 10.5% alcohol. If this is not in the bottle, the sparkling wine may not officially be called champagne. Fortunately, there are already other In the vernacular, however, we refer to it as non-alcoholic champagne, since it sounds just a bit tastier. Consequently, there are several non-alcoholic sparkling wines on the market. features a number of exclusive non-alcoholic bubbles available only at specialty stores. Get inspired for flavorful champagne alcohol-free.

How is non-alcoholic champagne created?

Producing non-alcoholic champagne is done in the same way as champagne with alcohol. After all, the fermentation process, which turns grape sugars into alcohol, gives champagne its unique character. Once the fermentation process is complete, the winemaker removes the alcohol from the wine produced. This requires several techniques. A popular method is by vacuum distillation. In this process, the wine is brought to room temperature, then vacuum-drawn under low pressure. This process causes the alcohol to evaporate but retains the sugars, acids and minerals. Another popular technique is by using reverse osmosis. In this case, the champagne is passed through a very thin filter, leaving the alcohol in the filter.

What do non-alcoholic bubbles taste like?

Bubbles without alcohol possess a fruity and fresh taste. In many cases, non-alcoholic sparkling wine tastes slightly sweeter than a champagne with alcohol. This is because the alcohol gives the champagne a little more body. Therefore, many winemakers make sparkling wine slightly sweeter, for an extra full flavor. A
non-alcoholic wine
, however, is barely distinguishable from real. Especially with a sparkling bottle, the bubbles provide the true Champagne feeling.

Non-alcoholic champagne is hip

Never before has the demand for non-alcoholic beverages so strongly on the rise. As a consumer, people no longer look at you strangely when you turn down a champagne with alcohol. It’s even cool if you say you haven’t had a drink for a while, or participate in Dry January. This is because of the popular health trend going on at the moment. People are conscious of their health and want to start the day fit. A solid hangover is only inconvenient in this regard. Moreover, a non-alcoholic champagne has far fewer calories than a variant with alcohol.

How do you store non-alcoholic champagne?

Non-alcoholic bubbles are best drunk chilled. So the non-alcoholic champagne is served between 4 and 8 degrees. In this way, the sparkle is best preserved. However, it is not wise to keep bottles of non-alcoholic sparkling wine in the refrigerator for months. As the refrigerator door swings open and closed regularly, considerable temperature fluctuations occur. Therefore, place the non-alcoholic champagne in a cool, dark place, such as a cellar or storage room. A day before you open the champagne without alcohol, place it in the refrigerator. After opening, seal the bottle of non-alcoholic champagne with a sturdy champagne sealing cap. You can easily keep the non-alcoholic bubbles for another day after that. A handy trick is to throw a raisin into the bottle just before you pour the glass. The raisin allows the bubbles to return to the bottle.

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