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The Mojito is perhaps the classic among classics. The summer drink is normally made with rum, but that alcohol is really not necessary to be in tropical moods. has an extensive range of
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What is a non-alcoholic mojito?

Originally an alcoholic cocktail, the mojito is very popular during the summer months around the world. The classic rum cocktail is also very easy to prepare. In the authentic recipe from Cuba, you will find only five ingredients: white rum, fine white sugar, lime, sparkling water and fresh mint. As ice belongs in a mojito crushed ice. The composition of cane sugar and lime juice with plenty of crushed ice, creates the flavorful sweet thirst quencher with a fresh, slightly sour aftertaste. Moreover, a mojito should be drunk from a 40-cl Highball glass. You drink the cocktail with a straw and use extra mint leaves and a slice of lime for the finishing touch.

Where did the non-alcoholic mojito come from?

Originally, the mojito comes from the island of Cuba. Here it is still the national cocktail. It cannot be said with certainty who ever invented the token drink. Most historians assume that African slaves who worked on the various sugar cane plantations invented the mojito. They would have processed the cheap rum with the other ingredients. However, the mojito did not become world famous until around 1950, when Bacardi touted the drink in television commercials.

Why order a non-alcoholic mojito?

Drinks without alcohol are trendy and healthy. The Health Council advises people not to drink alcohol, or, if you do, to consume only one glass a day. Alcohol therefore has many adverse health effects. In addition, an alcoholic mojito contains many calories. So those who are dieting or just watching their weight are more likely to choose a non-alcoholic mojito.

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