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Fancy a colorful cocktail full of unique flavors, but not craving a hangover?
Alcohol-free cocktails
are becoming increasingly popular. There is even a unique name for it: the mocktail or a virgin cocktail. With non-alcoholic cocktails, everyone has a tasty drink, including people who don’t like alcohol, children or the BOB of the evening. offers a wide range of tasty cocktails that do not involve a drop of alcohol. Curious about our non-alcoholic cocktails? Then check out our online store right away and get inspired for a tasty non-alcoholic cocktail.

Why order a non-alcoholic cocktail?

Alcohol-free beverages
are healthy and hip. The Health Council recommends that you prefer not to drink alcohol or, if you do, only one glass a day. Alcohol therefore has a harmful effect on health, both on the brain, liver and cardiovascular system. Moreover, an alcoholic cocktail possesses many more calories than a non-alcoholic drink. So those watching their diet would rather choose a non-alcoholic cocktail. That’s why today pretty much every reputable brand has one or more alcohol-free varieties in the production process.

The four ingredients of a festive non-alcoholic cocktail

Non-alcoholic cocktails, like alcoholic cocktails, are made up of different ingredients. First, instead of alcohol, select 50 ml of your favorite non-alcoholic gin, vodka, rum or liqueur such as Amaretto or coffee liqueur. Then add a fruit juice, tonic or non-alcoholic sparkling white wine. If you prefer not to use sugar, make sure you add sugar-free varieties. Then spice up the non-alcoholic cocktail with, for example, grated or sliced ginger, some juniper berries, a few rings of red pepper or a sprig of mint. A few drops of tabasco, balsamic vinegar or ginger syrup also make for exciting combinations. Serve the non-alcoholic cocktail (tot)in a nice glass with a cocktail strainer and a straw. Santé!

The popular strawberry cocktail without alcohol

One of the most popular cocktails today is the non-alcoholic cocktail with gin. For example, choose the non-alcoholic Gin Nona June. This gin is made from nine botanicals and is distilled on pure spring water. Juniper, in particular, comes out strongly in this drink. A refreshing combination here is the non-alcoholic cocktail with strawberry. The non-alcoholic Gin Ginzero strawberry is an excellent choice for this purpose. This gin is produced with twelve botanicals and therefore slightly sweeter.

Preparing the cocktail without alcohol with strawberry

To prepare the strawberry cocktail without alcohol, first add ice cubes in the glass. This ensures that the glass is properly cold. Next, measure out 50 cl of the non-alcoholic Gin into a measuring cup. Then top this up with 150 cl of a neutral tonic.You can also use spa red A good combination is the FeverTree Indian, for example. Then finish the cocktail with strawberries and a slice of your lime. Other surprising combinations include a slice of grapefruit with basil, fresh mango with a chili pepper or a slice of orange with thyme. Prefer a mixed drink other than tonic? Then replace it with ginger ale. In addition, make sure you select a tonic that is low in sugars. After all, it would be a shame if the sugars destroyed the gin’s delicate flavor.

Compound nonalcoholic cocktails customized offers some tasty non-alcoholic cocktails that you can pour straight into your glass. For example, order the Piña Colada cocktail from Puerto Rico that was invented in 1954. Taste the summer flavor of pineapple and coconut for only 28 kcal per glass. Or choose the ready-made Caïpirinha cocktail without alcohol. This originally Brazilian drink is produced from Brazilian rum, lime, sugar and ice. This cocktail is also only 37 kcal per glass. Also popular are the
alcohol-free Mojito
, the alcohol-free Spritz and the alcohol-free Bellini.

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