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What could be more delicious on a sunny, hot summer day than a cool glass of rosé? With a glass of non-alcoholic rosé, you can enjoy a tasty glass of wine without experiencing the negative effects of alcohol. In addition, a glass of
non-alcoholic wine
over far fewer calories than a glass of wine with alcohol. has a wide range of rosé without alcohol. Whether you prefer a fruity or dry non-alcoholic rosé wine, with scents of berries, raspberries or herbs; you are guaranteed to succeed in finding the tastiest rosé non-alcoholic with us. Check out our webshop immediately and enjoy a delicious glass of non-alcoholic rosé at your home thanks to fast delivery.

How is non-alcoholic rosé made?

When producing alcohol-free rosé, as with
non-alcoholic red wine
alcohol-free white wine
, first the wine is produced with alcohol. This fermentation process allows grape sugars to be converted into alcohol through fermentation. Once this process is complete, you have the basis for the non-alcoholic rosé. This is because the alcohol is needed to impart special aromas to the wine. One then removes the alcohol by using two different techniques. Either a vacuum technique is used or inverse osmosis.

Positive health effects of rosé alcohol-free

Everyone knows that drinking too much alcohol is bad for your health. Therefore, non-alcoholic rosé is a great alternative. In addition to not suffering from the ill effects of alcohol, a glass of alcohol-free rosé boasts far fewer calories than a glass of rosé with alcohol. For example, a glass of alcohol-free rosé has about 20 kcal per 100 ml, while a glass of rosé with alcohol has about 83 kcal. In addition, you do enjoy the positive effects of wine. For example, the non-alcoholic rosé possesses a high content of secondary plant substances from the seeds and skin of the grapes. These substances inhibit negative changes in blood vessels and have a positive influence on the formation of free radicals. This reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Taking non-alcoholic rosé on the road

Drinking too much alcohol where you can’t drive is a thing of the past with alcohol-free rosé. With rosé without alcohol, you even drink the entire bottle and then immediately get behind the wheel without any problems. Also, if you want to stay sharp while doing business or taking medication, a bottle of non-alcoholic rosé is a perfect alternative. This way you enjoy a pleasant meeting, where you have the joys but not the burdens.

A glass of non-alcoholic rosé during pregnancy

Drinking alcohol during pregnancy is strongly discouraged. After all, when you drink alcohol, the unborn child drinks with you. The alcohol spreads through the body fluids and blood, affecting the child’s development in a negative way. With a glass of non-alcoholic rosé, you are still drinking a tasty glass of wine while the baby can continue to develop positively. This makes rosé without alcohol an excellent solution. Alcohol-free rosé therefore makes a nice gift for a pregnant friend or family member.

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With over eight years of experience as an alcohol-free specialist, selects for the tastiest rosé without alcohol. Our non-alcoholic rosé wines are only available at specialty stores. Moreover, the wines are organic and vegan. With free shipping over €59 and fast delivery, you can enjoy the tastiest rosé without alcohol wherever you want. Check out our exclusive offer in the webshop immediately.

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