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No matter what party you attend, gin is found almost everywhere. Gin tonics are particularly popular at parties. Do you crave gin but not alcohol? Then check out the range of non-alcoholic gin in the webshop. With our diverse range of
non-alcoholic wines
, non-alcoholic cocktails and non-alcoholic gins there is always a gin to suit you.

What is non-alcoholic gin?

To get right to the point: officially, a non-alcoholic gin cannot be called a gin. In fact, it is established by law that gin must contain 37.5% alcohol. Therefore, the non-alcoholic variety is distilled just like gin, but contains no alcohol. The gin without alcohol is therefore called an herbal distillate. The basic ingredient for non-alcoholic gin, like gin with alcohol, is juniper. Then this berry is combined with botanical spices, such as cardamom and lemon. This creates the unique taste sensation of non-alcoholic gin that is becoming increasingly popular.

Benefits of non-alcoholic gin

Everyone knows that drinking too much alcohol is bad for your health. This makes the non-alcoholic gin a worthy alternative. You won’t suffer from a hangover, but also won’t have to deal with the adverse effects on your body that alcohol causes. In addition, the great advantage of non-alcoholic gin is that the drink contains no sugars, calories or sweeteners. Alcohol-free and calorie-free, or a guilt-free glass of sense. The perfect solution, right?

The non-alcoholic gin tonic for any party

The gin tonic is a sought-after cocktail at many a party. With the non-alcoholic gin tonic, you only need to substitute one ingredient, or gin. Pour 50 ml of a tasty non-alcoholic gin, add about 100-150 ml of a delicious tonic and choose a garnish of lime, cucumber, berries or cinnamon sticks. The non-alcoholic gin tonic is guaranteed to be a hit among your friends.

Driving a car with non-alcoholic gin

Rushing home with too much alcohol is a thing of the past thanks to non-alcoholic gin. With gin non-alcoholic, even drink the entire bottle and then drive on the road without any problems. Also, if you are dependent on medication or want to be sharp while doing a business dinner, a gin without alcohol is an ideal solution. That way you experience the joys of a tasty gin, but not the burdens.

A non-alcoholic gin tonic during your pregnancy

Drinking alcohol during your pregnancy is a no-go. This is because the alcohol also spreads through the bloodstream into the unborn child, affecting your baby through the negative effects of alcohol. For example, the development of organs, such as the brain, may be inhibited. By choosing a non-alcoholic gin tonic, you are still drinking your favorite cocktail while the baby continues to grow quietly. Non-alcoholic gin therefore makes a funny gift for a pregnant friend.

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