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Have you ever met up with friends and thought: I still have to drive, but I would feel like a tasty cocktail right now? Until recently, that would stick to a sinas or cola, but now you have the choice of a mojito virgin. This
non-alcoholic drink
is the well-known classic from Cuba. The summer drink is normally prepared with rum, but the alcohol is by no means necessary to get into Caribbean vibes. offers a diverse range of
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Where does the virgin mojito come from?

The exact origin of the virgin mojito is unclear, but at least it is certain that it originated on the island of Cuba. African slaves working on the various sugar cane plantations probably invented the mojito. By mixing cheap rum with other ingredients, the mojito was created. Since rum comes from this region, there is probably a grain of truth in this legend. Originally, by the way, rum was used as medicine, not as a refreshment. The mojito then became world famous in the 1950s, when Bacardi touted the drink in television ads. Today, the drink is very popular in entertainment venues because of its fresh taste. The non-alcoholic variety is also becoming increasingly popular.

How do you prepare a virgin mojito?

The virgin mojito is very easy to prepare. According to the classic recipe from Cuba, you only need five ingredients to make a mojito: white rum, lime, fine white sugar, sparkling water and fresh mint. For a virgin mojito, you replace the rum with tasty non-alcoholic varieties. As ice, use crushed ice. The combination of crushed ice with cane sugar and lime juice creates a tasty thirst quencher with a slightly sour, fresh aftertaste. Then pour the virgin mojito into a 40-cl Highball glass. To garnish, use a slice of lime and additional mint leaves.

Benefits of buying a virgin mojito

The virgin mojito is on a meteoric rise. No surprise, as beverages without alcohol are healthy and trendy. You do enjoy the essence of a tasty cocktail with a virgin mojito, without suffering the ill effects of alcohol. Moreover, a mojito with alcohol possesses many calories. If you are watching your weight, then a virgin mojito is an excellent solution. Add to that the fact that rum is much more expensive than the non-alcoholic version of the mojito. Therefore, almost every reputable brand today has one or more virgin mojitos in its range. The choice of alcohol-free mojitos therefore varies widely.

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