non-alcoholic red wine

Enjoy a tasty glass of non-alcoholic red wine

Do you love a delicious glass of wine, but plan to drink less or no alcohol? Then the alcohol-free red wines from are the ideal solution. Alcohol-free red wine is becoming increasingly popular. With its unique taste and without the ill effects of alcohol, enjoy a tasty glass of
non-alcoholic wine
. In addition (is the wine), you have a choice of organic and vegan wines. View the diverse assortment in the web shop immediately to order your favorite non-alcoholic red wine.

How is non-alcoholic red wine produced?

For non-alcoholic red wine, the wine is first made according to the normal process. In the normal fermentation process of grapes, grape sugar is converted into alcohol with the help of yeasts. Then there are (two) three innovative techniques possible to extract the alcohol from the wine. This is done either by vacuum distillation, membrane filtration or inverse osmosis, in which the alcohol is extracted from to wine. As a result, the wine tastes slightly different and is lighter in flavor. Yet the aroma and character of the red wine is retained. Alcohol-free red wine may (in the Netherlands) consist of up to 0.5% alcohol. So if you’re looking for a completely alcohol-free wine, it’s good to make sure you choose a pure 0.0 wine.

Exclusive non-alcoholic red wine at offers a wide range of wines without alcohol. Whether you are looking for an alcohol-free red wine,
non-alcoholic white wine
alcohol-free rose
, you simply order the wine through the webshop and enjoy fast delivery. Our wines are only available at specialty stores and some of them even recommended by Hamersma. Check out our selection immediately for a tasty glass of non-alcoholic red wine at your home.

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