Virgin cocktail

A scrumptious virgin cocktail with

Whether you are throwing a party or simply feel like a summer drink: a tasty virgin cocktail is always possible.
Alcohol-free cocktails
are becoming increasingly popular. The great advantage also the BOB of the evening, children or people who do not like alcohol can drink the tasty virgin cocktails. features a diverse range of
non-alcoholic beverages
. From
alcohol-free prosecco
to alcohol-free gin, from alcohol-free champagne to an alcohol-free mojito; you’ll find the non-alcoholic drink that suits you in our webshop. Check out our selection right away for a delicious drink at your home.

A virgin cocktail is hip and trendy

Never before has the demand for non-alcoholic drinks and virgin cocktails been in such high demand. As a consumer, you are no longer looked at strangely if you turn down a wine or cocktail with alcohol. It’s cool to think that you haven’t been drinking for a while, rather than that you’re suffering from a severe hangover again. The success for Dry January alone is an example of this.

A virgin cocktail for when you don't drink alcohol

Because people are conscious about their health and want to start the day fit, they choose not to drink alcohol. The Dutch are also increasingly choosing, for both work and personal reasons, to have lunch out of doors. A tasty matching drink is a must. But what do you drink when you don’t feel like drinking wine or another alcoholic beverage? The virgin cocktail represents an exciting and delicious alternative for consumers without having to rely on water or a glass of cola. With the surprising flavor combinations of virgin cocktails, you have an extensive choice of non-alcoholic drinks.

Customized ready-made virgin cocktails at has a diverse selection of ready-made virgin cocktails, which you can pour directly into the glass. For example, order a tasty Caïpirinha cocktail non-alcoholic to get into Brazilian vibes. You will also find the famous Piña Colada cocktail without alcohol in the range. Other popular ready-made virgin cocktails include the alcohol-free Mojito, alcohol-free Bellini and the alcohol-free Spritz. A great advantage of the virgin mojitos is that they are low in calories, making them excellent for dieting.

Order a virgin cocktail now through

Have you been inspired to order your own virgin cocktail? Then take a look now at the exclusive offer of With about eight years of experience in non-alcoholic beverages, we have selected the best cocktail virgins for you.

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