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You enjoy a glass of white wine, but don’t want to or can’t drink alcohol. The alcohol-free white wines from are then the ideal solution. Because whether you like an elegant wine, a dry wine, a smooth wine or a fruity wine; within our range of
non-alcoholic wines
you are guaranteed to find the bottle that suits you. We also have
non-alcoholic champagne
non-alcoholic cocktails
. Wondering which brand suits you? Contact us for personal advice or visit our webshop directly to order the non-alcoholic white wine.

Creating non-alcoholic white wine

In non-alcoholic white wine, the wine is first produced in the usual way, with alcohol. The fermentation process of the grapes, in which grape sugar is converted into alcohol by means of yeasts, in fact creates certain aromas and flavors. Next, one has a choice of three techniques to extract the alcohol from the wine. Either by innovative vacuum distillation, membrane filtration or inverse osmosis. The non-alcoholic white wine is then lighter in flavor, but still retains its character and the vast majority of its aromas.

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At you have a unique assortment of non-alcoholic white wines available only at specialty stores (i.e., not in supermarkets). With over eight years of experience as a non-alcoholic specialist, we know how to select the best non-alcoholic white wine for you. With fast delivery and free shipping over $59, many customers enjoy a tasty glass of non-alcoholic wine to their satisfaction. Take a look at our webshop and be surprised by our versatile range.

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