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Do you recognize the feeling of sitting at home on the couch thinking back to one of the moments you were enjoying on an Italian terrace with a tasty aperitif? That feeling immediately resurfaces when drinking a tasty Aperol Spritz. The Italian aperitivo is gaining popularity in Holland. Like the
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the alcohol-free Aperol Spritz is also starting to gain a foothold in our country. has a wide range of
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Where does the non-alcoholic Aperol come from?

Originally, Aperol was made by distillery Barbieri, which was located in Padua. During the Austrian occupation in northeastern Italy, the Austrians exploited the Friuli-Venezia and Veneto regions. The Austrians, however, found the local wine far too strong to drink. So they asked waiters to add soda water to the wine, in an effort to lighten the taste somewhat. In doing so, they were not talking about diluting, but injecting (or as it is called in German: spritzen). The locals did not like this drink, and made an effort to restore the wine to its original state. The Italians added authentic Habsburg ingredients in the process. This is how the Spritz was born; the Italian drink with the Austrian name.

The ingredients of the non-alcoholic Aperol Spritz

Today, Aperol is produced by Campari. The Italian liqueur is instantly recognized by its vibrant orange color, as well as its refreshing bittersweet taste. Ingredients include bitter orange, rhubarb, gentian and kina. You can smell the pleasant complex herbal aromas. The original recipe of the Aperol Spritz has never been adapted and therefore remains a closely guarded secret.

Making your own Aperol Spritz

To make your own Aperol Spritz, use the two other drinks produced by Campari, the Crodino and the Palermo Amarino. Furthermore, making an Aperol Spritz requires cava or white wine for flavor. We replace these with an
non-alcoholic sparkling wine
that is not too sweet. Fill the glass with ice cubes and then pour in 6 cl of non-alcoholic sparkling wine. To that, add 4 cl of Crodino or Palermo Amarino. You then top up the glass with a splash of sparkling water. To avoid diluting the flavor, do not add too much water. Finally, garnish the glass with half a slice of orange. So the non-alcoholic Spritz is easy to make yourself for a hot, summer day.

Ready-made non-alcoholic Aperol Spritz

Make your favorite non-alcoholic Aperol Spritz even easier thanks to the ready-made variety in the webshop. The Night Orient Spritz has a sparkling bubble with bitter flavors such as orange peel. Get a large glass and fill it with ice. To garnish, finish the glass with orange and a sprig of thyme. Per 100 ml, the alcohol-free Aperol Spritz is only 3 kcal. Curious about these and other
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