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Organic wine is on a meteoric rise. In our current society, we are increasingly looking for organic products that are environmentally sustainable. therefore features a number of tasty organic wines without alcohol. Can’t wait to order an organic red wine or organic white wine for yourself? Then check out our webshop immediately for an exclusive range of organic and
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What is organic wine?

An organic wine is produced as naturally as possible. There are no chemical pesticides, fertilizers or genetic modification involved in the production process, for example. The wine is made from organically grown grapes, and for problems surrounding viticulture, the winemakers use natural solutions. For example, they grow flowers that attract beneficial insects and birds to the vineyard or raise sheep to keep the weeds in check. Because the production process is more sustainable and cleaner than regular viticulture, better quality grapes are produced. Also, this method is better for the environment. Furthermore, the use of sulfite in organic wines is limited.

Using organic viticulture for organic wine

Since an organic vintner does not use fertilizers, extra care is needed for the soil of the vineyard. For example, to ensure that the soil does not become too compact, the organic vintner does not use a tractor for organic wine. Grapes are also picked by hand. Using compost adds nutrients to the soil. They also increase the complexity of the wine by growing a diverse variety of plants near the vines.

Organic wine by vinification

Since 2011, the vinification of organic wine has been subject to strict rules. Thus, as few products as possible may be added to organic wine. An example is that ascorbic acid is not added to the wine to preserve it. One exception is the use of sulfite. In fact, without sulfite, it is very difficult to produce a long-lasting wine. Organic winemakers, however, try to add as little sulfite as possible. There are a number of organic winemakers who do not use sulfite.

Ordering organic wine without alcohol features a number of tasty organic wines without alcohol. This organic wine did produce initially as an alcoholic wine. This is because the fermentation process, which converts grape sugars into alcohol, gives wine its authentic taste. After the fermentation process, however, the alcohol is extracted from the wine. A popular method for this is vacuum distillation. At room temperature, low pressure vacuums the wine, evaporating the alcohol from the organic wine. Another popular method is through reverse osmosis. In this method, the winemaker lets the wine slide through a very thin filter, leaving the alcohol behind. You are then left with a tasty wine without alcohol.

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