How much sugar is in non-alcoholic wine?

Are you on a diet but would still like a glass of wine? Losing weight only works if you consciously watch your food and drink. Therefore, avoid products high in calories. A glass of wine can have as many as 300 calories per glass. A healthy alternative is
non-alcoholic wine
, which is low in sugar. offers an extensive selection of
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Empty calories thanks to wine with alcohol

Alcohol has all kinds of effects on your body. For example, you get a hangover due to dehydration. Moreover, alcohol contains mostly empty calories. This refers to calories that have no nutritional value. These calories add nothing to your diet, so the body burns it immediately. The calories you take in by other means, such as dining out, are left in your body this way. Once you ingest alcohol, the liver breaks it down into acetic acid. Because this is toxic to your body, your body is set up to start secreting this acid immediately. Only then does your body break down the calories you ingested earlier that day. Thus, the energy from acetic acid is burned before the energy from other nutrients. Since your body sees this energy as surplus, the products you ate earlier, such as carbohydrates, are turned into fat. Alcohol thus has adverse effects on weight loss.

How many calories are in wine with alcohol?

Do you enjoy drinking sparkling wine? These bubbles usually boast about 90 to 130 calories per glass. A dry variety such as a Brut, Extra Brut or Brut Nature features as little sugar as possible. When choosing a white wine, it is wiser to select a wine from a colder wine region if it is alcoholic. Examples include France, Germany and Italy. Because the grapes do not ripen as much as they do in Australia, South America or the United States. The ripeness of the grapes determines the sugar content. Examples of white wines with alcohol that are low in calories are the Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc and Grigio. Red wines contain more calories than white wines. However, if you do want to drink a red wine with alcohol, it is wise to limit yourself to a light variety. Examples include the Barbera, Pinot Noir or Gamay. Full-bodied wines like the Zinfandel or Cabernet Sauvignon are best left alone.

How many calories in non-alcoholic wine?

Those who like to drink wine, but drink as few calories as possible, order a non-alcoholic wine. An average bottle of red wine with alcohol contains 80 kcal per glass, while a bottle of
alcohol-free red wine
has only 19 kcal per glass! Popular are the Vendôme alcohol-free wine Merlot – Chardonnay – Rosé with only 18.7 kcal or the Leitz eins zwei zero alcohol-free dry white wine Blanc de Blanc of only 24 kcal per glass. Also
non-alcoholic cocktails
offer relief while losing weight. How about the Night Orient non-alcoholic cocktail Spritz of only 3 kcal per glass? Wondering what other surprising flavors offers? Then check out the diverse selection in the web shop immediately.

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