Leitz Eins-Zwei-Zero alcohol-free Riesling 750ml



The Leitz alcohol-free Riesling is an alcohol-free white wine with citrus flavors. This tasty 0.0 white wine fits well bii salads and chicken.

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This Leitz non-alcoholic white wine has everything a Riesling should have: lime, citrus and rhubarb. You taste a small hint of red apple and minerals in the background. It has a particularly clean and pure taste with remarkable structure and length in the finish. This 0.0 white wine is very tasty with gratin crostinis, cauliflower with goat cheese or with an Oriental chicken dish. The Leitz Eins-Zwei-Zero Riesling contains only 34 kcal per glass. It is best to drink this non-alcoholic white wine well chilled between 2 and 6 degrees.

About the Leitz winery

The history of the Leitz family of Rüdesheim dates back to 1744. Johannes Leitz is a pioneer in wines. He has created a series of non-alcoholic wines in recent years, with the idea that each non-alcoholic wine should be a reflection of the grape and soil in which they were grown. Leitz brings characterful non-alcoholic wines, which are considered a reference for non-alcoholic wines around the world! For the development of these 0.0% and 0.5% wines, there is plenty of experimentation with other grape varieties and also search for further refinement of the product.

Leitz’s wines are “Fair ‘N Green,” certified:
– Environmental protection and natural viticulture – Promoting biodiversity – Protecting natural resources – Fair pay and social commitment
– Social responsibility – Conservation and promotion of the cultural landscape.

Best 0.0 wines

Leitz’s non-alcoholic wines are the best o.o wines sold.
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How was this wine made alcohol-free?

After the fermentation process, the white wine is heated slightly to about 30 degrees, causing the alcohol to evaporate under pressure. This is how this wine is made alcohol-free. By heating it at a low temperature, the wine retains its grape flavor.

Where can this Leitz Riesling non-alcoholic white wine be purchased?

At Alcoholfreedrinks, we offer delicious wines for lovers of red, white and rosé wine without alcohol. Look further in the web shop for a wide range of delicious non-alcoholic beverages such as non-alcoholic sparkling wines, non-alcoholic spirits and non-alcoholic beer.

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Leitz Eins-Zwei-Zero alcohol-free Riesling 750ml
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