PVREZERO non-alcoholic almond liqueur 700ml


This alcohol-free almond liqueur is made from almonds and caramel. Drink the Pvrezero, alternative to Amaretto over vanilla ice cream with coffee or neat!

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Pvrezero non-alcoholic alternative to Amaretto is the alternative to Amaretto almond liqueur. The delicious sweet nutty almond flavor, which is super delicious for example as a digestif. This alcohol-free Amaretto is made from apricot, wheat and almonds. Non-alcoholic Amaretto is also very good with coffee. A glass of 0.0 Amaretto contains only 15 kcal.

The best way to drink Amaretto without alcohol is in a glass with ice cubes. Pvrezero alcohol-free alternative to Amaretto can be served in many ways. Try it cold, or mixed into a cocktail. For the winter months, you can delightfully enhance coffee or hot chocolate with Amaretto.

What is Amaretto?

Amaretto is an Italian liqueur made from almond or apricot kernels. It has a mildly bitter taste and is therefore also drunk after meals as a digestif. So Amaretto, which means “a little bit bitter” in Italian, is a fitting name. Amaretto can be drunk “on the rocks,” mixed into cocktails or with a cup of coffee, for example. Pvrezero alternative without alcohol to Amaretto is also great to use in the kitchen as a recipe in a cake. The most popular amaretto recipes are Amaretto cookies and Tiramisu. Because of Amaretto’s bitter and nutty taste, it also goes well with pancakes, ice cream and whipped cream. Some chefs also use Amaretto in savory dishes with poultry and fish.

What is the origin of Amaretto?

Amaretto was first made in the Italian town of Saronno by the Lazaronni family and the Reina family, both of whom claim to have invented Amaretto. The Lazaronni’s claim to have first made Amaretto around 1786 for the King of Spain! Because the words Amaro (bitter) and Amore (love) are so similar, Amaretto is also associated with love. According to the Reina family, Amaretto is said to have been created by a widow who posed for Renaissance painter Bernardo Luini in 1525. She fell in love with him and made her Amaretto drink especially for him. The Disaronno brand claims that their recipe is this widow’s original recipe. Whether that is true remains a mystery!

How is this liqueur made alcohol-free?

No alcohol at all was used in the making of this delicious non-alcoholic liqueur! The secret to this tasty 0.0 liqueur is in the recipe – a proper blend of ingredients.

Where can this Pvrezero alcohol-free alternative to Amaretto be purchased?

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PVREZERO non-alcoholic almond liqueur 700ml
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